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“My go-to when I want to know what a guitar really sounds like”

- Pat Metheny


Identical to Pat Metheny's coveted 'Little Wonder', the Ten Fifteen stands out for its unmatched pure, musical tone, simple controls, clever tilt-back Baltic birch cabinet and rock solid hand-wired construction. Auburn's quality-first mindset is very evident inside and out, including top-quality components assembled on a robust eyelet board and point-to-point wiring. The Ten Fifteen’s cabinet was acoustically designed for the ideal balance of forward focus and open-back bloom. Careful grounding and layout ensure a quiet amp that’s equally suited to being played on the road, in the studio or at home. Pat Metheny especially likes how his 'Litle Wonder' plays with Charlie Christian-type pickups, but the high/low inputs allow the Ten Fifteen to sing with any pickup. An heirloom-grade amp with grab-and-go conveniece for bringing unmatched musicality everywhere you play. Each amp is hand-built for its owner, and custom finishes are available upon request. Typical build and delivery time: 2-3 months.

Ten Fifteen hand-made 15w 10" combo

Your amp's target delivery date will be emailed to you within 7 days.
    • Hand-wired 15 watt dual EL84 combo amp

    • 10-inch Celestion G10 Vintage speaker

    • Faithful articulation and harmonic balance

    • Low noise

    • One volume control, one bypassable tone control

    • Selectable cathode bias on all tubes

    • Output tube bias balance control with external test points

    • Void-free natural Baltic birch cabinet 

    • Two-position cabinet (baffle angle 87 or 45 degrees)

    • Premium components throughout

    • Universal power supply

    • Custom finishes available

    • durable heavy-duty cloth cover included

    • transferable three-year warranty

    • 30-day money back guarantee

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