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Either direct or through a speaker cabinet, I was able to get a beautiful, clean sound with unbelievably low noise.

- Jon Herington (Steely Dan)


The Solitaire tucks a quiet, clean and highly engaging

tube instrument amp into a durable hand-sized package, giving electric instrumentalists access to classic tube amp tone and familiar controls for ampless stages and in the studio.


The Solitaire universal tube DI works with any electrified musical instrument, adding the engaging signature of end-to-end vacuum tube amplification to guitar, bass, keyboards, harmonica, fiddle, mandolin, accordion - even vocals. Solitaire's comprehensive connectivity makes it easy to integrate into a wide range of rigs and situations: performance, recording, reamping, practice, etc.


You can choose a standard 'guitar', 'bass' or 'universal' model, or we can work with you to select the ideal tubeset, circuit options, output transformer, capacitors and resistor formulations to match your instruments and needs.

Solitaire all-instrument tube DI

Projected delivery date emailed to you within 7 days.
    • Low noise, wide range all-tube DI for any instrument

    • All-tube signal path

    • Multistage preamp and push-pull output stage

    • Built-in reactive and resistive speaker loads  

    • Top quality components throughout
    • Laser-engraved aluminum enclosure

    • Transformer-balanced XLR and TRS outputs with separate ground lifts

    • Familiar T-M-B tone controls

    • Level controls for preamp and power amp stages
    • 9-way analog Tone Shape switches

    • Gain boost and EQ bypass functions (footswitchable) 

    • Insert point for line in, expression pedal, effects loop, etc. 

    • Headphone output

    • low-power speaker output

    • Universal power supply 

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