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Developed for guitarist Gerry Leonard (David Bowie, Suzanne Vega, Rufus Wainwright), the Spooky Ghost is the Solitaire’s naughty little cousin. Featuring a three-watt push-pull pentode output, high-gain preamp and slightly asymmetrical long-tail pair phase inverter, the Spooky Ghost's fully controllable gain structure allows classic cleans, harmonic-rich natural overdrive and everything in between - all at very low power. Our proprietary balancing transformer, XLR output and the built-in speaker load bring the authentic sound of a tube amp being pushed as hard as you like to ampless stages and recording environments.

Spooky Ghost 3-watt head / DI

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    • Compact, durable 3 watt grab-and-go guitar head

    • 3 tube preamp + 2 tube push-pull output

    • Transformer-balanced XLR output

    • Classic T-M-B tone controls, plus Presence and High Cut

    • Level controls for each stage

    • Built-in speaker load

    • Integrated universal power supply

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