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Back in the early 1970's when I began seriously feeding my interest in electronics, I would flip through manufacturers' component databooks for circuit ideas and a general sense of what kinds of building blocks were out there. The back pages of National Semiconductors' Audio Handbook contained a miscellaneous section called 'floobydust', a then-hip word the authors clearly hoped would take off (it clearly didn't).

The handbook's graphics were equally focused on presenting a progressive, youthful vibe - a Haight-Ashbury wink at the electronics engineering community. I've never once heard anyone use the term 'floobydust' in speech, but as a tip 'o the hat to the creators of that handbook, I'm hereby resurrecting the term to introduce the Auburn Amplifiers blog.

Here you'll find a grab bag of topics: audio electronics through the ages, music and musical instruments, design, philosophy, psychology, and maybe a look or two at some key people in those fields, past and present. There will also be text versions and supporting info for our YouTube videos whenever appropriate.

Please use the contact link on this site to send us an email to make a comment or suggest a topic you'd like us to write about. We'll never use AI or paid writers to crank out content, so whereas there could be some long gaps between blog entries, they'll be authentic at least.

Thanks very much for poking around our website. We hand-make vacuum tube amplifiers for musical instruments and for listening because we want to apply our knowledge and experience to helping people make music better. That's the long and short of it.

Wishing you a day full of music,

Rob Robson

Auburn Amplifiers

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